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Larissa Lane, an innovative hair and make-up artist, cosmetology educator, and constant student to her industry has over 10 years professional experience. She is a vibrant woman who consistently inspires and motivates those she come into contact with.  She has worked on film documentaries, University of Pitt commercial, and Glamour Magazines 2015 WOTY. Larissa has dedicated her focus to take hair and makeup to new levels. She began her journey as a hairstylist and make-up artist at 19 years old in her hometown Pittsburgh, Pa. She found her passion as a hairstylist and MUA while attending beauty school, prior to school she thought of hair and makeup as just a hobby until attending beauty school where she realized her hobby could be her career. Her passion was fueled; hair and make up became her way of life.

Being a creative thinker has kept Larissa consistently finding new and better ways to keep her clientele happy and educated. She adapts easily to any environment from fast paced fashion shows to filming outside to working one on one for special events. Larissa values her clients, so she continues to educate herself by staying abreast of the newest trends, techniques, and products in the industry. She has recently moved to Los Angeles, CA to elevate in her career and pursue hair and make-up for film/ TV and print. It had always been a dream of hers and like anything else in her life she decided to make it her reality.

Larissa is always determined to give back to the beauty industry and to those she meets in the midst of her journey which is why she became an educator and now teaches private seminars and volunteers at high schools that have cosmetology programs. She is personable, meticulous, talented, joyful, stylish and ambitious. Larissa goes after what she believes, while keeping God first, allowing nothing to deter her. She is passionate about what she does.  Her professionalism and expertise shine through her work. She is an amazing hair stylist, makeup artist and motivator of others who cares about you in the most genuine way.

“I believe that hair and makeup can have an effect on the way you walk, the way you speak, the way you feel, how you pose, and what confidence you have. Everyone deserves to look and feel amazing.” says Larissa

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